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What a year SavFest goes from strength to strength

Life isn't easy for a lot of people. Economic pressures, social media, mental health, the list is endless. Ian's Chain is busier than ever.

We've saved 148 lost souls. People who were trying to take their own lives. To take on traumatic work is stressful but we do it to prevent families going through the grief we did, and still do.

148 still living.

We put these festivals on to remember those lost, but also to raise awareness and have a bloody good time.

Music is a leveller, and every band works so hard to make it a day or weekend to remember. And 2023 raised the bar.

Bigger crowds, thirstier crowds, louder and more supportive than ever. The bands were extraordinary, reunions, monsters, blood, guts, Motorhead covers, emotive subtle songs about family, Prince Harry's words, and simply rock and roll.

Everyone who got a shirt, a mug, coaster, wristband helps save lives.

Thank you.

For this year we listened to the bands you wanted and we've got them. A strong line up which really needs crowds to get there early to see EVERYONE.

If you need camping contact us via as we are overseeing it, as people turned up without permission, and it caused John the landlord a headache. It is very limited out there, but there are hotels nearby and other campsites. Taxis will get you home.

Can't wait to see you all as you keep up going, financially and mentally. You mean the world.

Do you like the line up?

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